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Jaime Jarrin Bobblehead Night!

jaime-jarrin-bobbleheadLife is not fair.

All you have to do is to consider the significance of this night in the City of Angels.

It’s Jaime Jarrin Bobblehead Night at Dodger Stadium.

Now what in the world does Jaime Jarrin Bobblehead Night have to do with the unfairness of life? 

I am so glad you asked.

I need not repeat my often-stated gratitude to Vin Scully for continuing to teach me the fine art of communication. What I will tell you is that I marvel at the man as much for his sterling character as I do for his skillful quips and quotes.

As someone who listens religiously (no pun intended) to Vin Scully call a Dodger Game, I can tell you that as private a man as he claims to be, so much of his heart emerges in between balls and strikes.

In a word, Vin Scully is a supremely grateful individual. He affirms regularly just how blessed he feels. He often references spiritual themes in his broadcasts — prayers, God, the good Lord, etc. He is a man of faith who loves, and is grateful to, and acknowledges the blessings of the God of the Bible.

Even though he lost his beloved son.

It happened in a freak accident. In the wake of a Southern California earthquake. His son flew helicopters. And while assessing the damage of the quake from the air, Vinnie’s son died in a crash of his aircraft.

Jaime Jarrin’s son, Jorge, flies helicopters too. I used to listen to him report on LA’s notorious traffic as he flew over the freeways, helping commuters to arrive at their destinations as safely and as quickly as possible.

Jaime Jarrin is the long-standing Spanish-speaking play-by-play announcer for the Dodgers (now in his 55th season; Vin is in his 64th).

Both are engaged in the identically same (except for language) career, for the same organization. Both have sons. Both sons fly helicopters. Jorge is now a Dodger-Talk radio host; Vin’s son is no more.

And that’s just not fair.

Every single night that Vin Scully enters his broadcast booth, he sees Jaime. Every ride home from the game, he hears Jorge. Every Dodger home game brings Vinnie face-to-face with the reminder that Jaime’s son lives and thrives; Vinnie’s son does not.

Yet, Vinnie is exuberant in his nonstop praise of Jaime.

Yet, there has never been a hint of jealousy that Jaime’s son is still alive, and very much connected to the world of Dodger Baseball — Vinnie’s world — while Vinnie’s never will be.

Yet, Vin Scully has never even uttered a hint, a syllable, of “what might have been,” had his son lived.

You and I both know how tempting it is to compare our lives to others. You and I both know how easy it would be to wallow in self-pity because we were not dealt as a good a hand as some of our friends. You and I both know how alluring is the quicksand of “Why me?” “Why me?”

Yet  Vinnie continues to be a free-flowing fountain of gratefulness to God for the bountiful blessings of God in his life.

An enduring lesson I have learned from Vin Scully. A life-lesson that far and away eclipses the many communications skills I have gained from this remarkable man.

A quality of character that stands out in bold relief on this Jaime Jarrin Bobblehead night at Dodger Stadium.

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