Come with Me to Israel, March 18-29, 2014

DSCN4733 2I LIVE to take people just like you to Israel.

Know why? Because after leading 15 study tours, I know without a doubt that this trip will change your life forever.

  • You will never read the Bible the same way again.
  • You will never hear a sermon, lesson, Bible study or devotional series the same way again.
  • The Bible will become visual to you, so that every time you read it or hear it read or taught, you will “see” it in your mind’s eye.
  • Your faith will be anchored in the very stones on which Jesus walked.
  • Your love for Jesus will grow exponentially as you read what Jesus taught where He taught it.
  • Your understanding of the culture back then will enhance your understanding of the Bible now.
  • Your knowledge of the culture now will put today’s headlines into their proper perspective.
  • You will literally walk where Jesus walked, and actually touch the stones that Jesus touched!

You will get ALL of this, and so much more.

Cost from Portland, OR is $3874, which includes all Tips, Taxes, Fuel Surcharges as of 5/1/2013.

(PLEASE NOTE that if you would like to FLY OUT OF A DIFFERENT CITY, we can arrange your flight and adjust the cost accordingly. Our layover is in Newark, NJ. We will meet you there for our nonstop flight to Tel Aviv. Just be sure to indicate on your Registration Form the city from which you will depart.)

Click on the links below to get all of the information you will need.

Click HERE to see the Day-by-Day itinerary!

Click HERE to see the Terms and Conditions

Click HERE for your Registration Form

Ready to light a fire under your faith? Then come with me to Israel in March. And trust me: You will return a different person than when you left. 

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