Egypt churchesEgypt is out of control.

As the land of the Pharaohs teeters on the brink of civil war, there are many, many dear and precious people dramatically affected by the unprecedented violence. They need our prayers now more than ever before.

Just two glimpses into what life has now become in Egypt:

Dear friends, I urge you in the name of Jesus to pray for my country as this morning at 5am, the police and the Army attacked the Muslim brotherhood to kick them out from the area around our house. At the moment, there is a war on the streets. Many people have been killed and injured. Most of the cars on my street have been totally destroyed. They are trying right now to enter our building to occupy the roof. Also all over the country, north and south, the Muslim Brotherhood is burning churches and destroying houses and shops belonging to Christians. I can not describe how bad it is all over the country. As a family, my wife is with our children leading a children’s camp. She has 75 kids and they are in Alexandrea in the north. They are safe, but they can not come back as are the roads are cut off. For me, I managed to flee from the house in the early morning. We are depending on your prayers that the peace of God covers the land of Egypt. Thank you.

Then there is this short-but-stunning tweet from Phil Tuttle, the President of Walk Thru the Bible: 

Please pray for our instructors & other believers in Egypt. Many churches are being burned by Islamic radicals. #WalkThruTheBible

Please join with me in asking God’s favor and protection over His children throughout that troubled region.


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