About Dewey



Dewey has been married to his dear wife, Rebecca, for 47 years. They have two grown children — Dave, and his wife Amy; Ashley, and her husband Chris; and four grandchildren — Callie, Nora, Maggie, and Lucy.



A committed follower of Jesus who is unapologetically conservative in his theology without being uptight, legalistic, judgmental, or angry.



Hopeful in his outlook. Redemptive in his purpose. Joyful in his heart. Worshipful in his spirit.

A man who prefers to define himself by what he is for, rather than what he is against.

Just loving God, loving His Word, and loving people; all the while trying to keep his life that simple ‘cuz, honestly, “It’s not that complicated.”




7 thoughts on “About Dewey

  1. Paul Fisher

    Godbless you and your family Mr.Bertolini.

  2. Robert Smith

    Hi Dewey, Was just thinking about you. Maybe we can connect by phone. Please contact me. Thanks. Bob Smith from Calvary Bible Church

  3. Echo Bertolini Macdonald

    Hi, Pastor Bertolini!
    I stumbled across your podcast on line. My maiden name was Bertolini. I, too, am a believer in Christ. I was born and raised in RI and later Upstate New York. I have done some work on Ancestry.com to trace the Bertolini family lineage. I would very much like to understand our possible family connection. Would you consider sending an email message back?Thank you!

  4. Diana Goad

    I have a question about the demoniac of Decopolis. Do you know what his name was and any writings he left with the gentiles concerning Jesus? Thank you!

    • Thank you for asking. Since the Gospel writers do not name him, I will not speculate. What I can tell you is that right up the hill from where this miracle occurred is the city of Susita (sometimes called Hippos), one of the 10 pagan cities of the Decapolis. Right in the middle of Susita, archaeologists excavated a church. There is no record of Jesus, nor of any apostle, nor of any missionary going to Susita. Evidently, when Jesus told the man to go home and tell his family and friends what the Lord had done for him, the former demoniac became an excellent witness!!!


    Loved your broadcast today about dating on KYFB, through BBN. I shared that message on fb. When you’re taught to abstain no matter what and not told the whys and how’s is just an order to blindly obey, which some do but not the majority of teens.

  6. Sarah Massey

    Just wanted to say Merry, Blessed Christmas to you and Becky … I am now a widow (Dennis passed away 5 years ago), Kimmie passed in 1998, Scotty and Katie are well…I have 6 grand children and 11.5 great grandchildren…God has blessed me greatly…Sarah Massey (from Burbank)

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