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Both my wife and I consider it a privilege to meet and minister to people throughout the country and around the world.

If either of us can serve you — your church, camp, conference, or event — we would be delighted.

You can contact us in a couple of ways:


Facebook: Dewey Bertolini / Rebecca Bertolini


32 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Claudia Crawford

    How to get a copy of talk on dating

    • Hi Claudia. Thank you for asking. I don’t keep any of my talks around. So I’m not really sure.

      • Janea

        Hey Dewey!!! It’s Janea from Hartland Christian Camp last week. The one that makes you laugh and the one that is in your head. 🙂 I miss you soo much. How are you? GOD and I Love you 🙂 Love,
        Janea Murdock

        ❤ John 3:16

      • You are so sweet. You made my week!

      • Janea

        I had so much fun at camp. You are a amazing speaker. I will miss listening to you every day. I miss camp so much already. I hope I get to see you soon. Will you be at the Hartland camp every year? I miss you so much Dewey. You Rock.

        Janea Murdock

      • Janea

        I miss camp soo much!!!!!!! Most importantly, I will miss listening to you teach God’s word to us everyday Dewey!!! Last weeks message you gave at camp really spoke to me. I am less shy than I used to be.I am more out going and more talkative. I’m really going to miss you Dewey! 😥 You have really spoke to me this last week. I just wish I could listen to you tell about God’s word every day 🙂
        Janea Murdock
        Ps: I hope you reply soon. Jesus( God ) Loves you!!!

      • That’s really really sweet of you to say. Thank you, Janea, for the kind words. It was a special week at a very special place. And you are a very special person!

      • Janea

        Hey Dewey. How are you doing? I miss you so much!!!!!

      • You’re so sweet. Do you have an email address? Mine is

      • Janea

        My dad has an email. Do you want me to give you his email so I can contact you? Am I bothering you is that why you are asking me this? I’m truly sorry if I am bugging you. I’m trying not to bug you. So would you like my dad’s email?

      • Ha ha. No, you’re NOT bugging me at all. It’s just that using the website to write is kind of clunky. I don’t always check for comments, whereas email comes right to my computer and phone. So it’s totally up to you. I would only suggest that you check with your dad first to make sure he’s cool with you using his email address.

      • Janea

        Hey Dewey!! My dad said it would be okay that I used his email. So his email is I can contact you through there.

  2. Dan Edwards

    Dr. Bertolini,

    First let me say that I am glad to see you are doing well. I had you as a visiting teacher when I was at Word of Life BI in Schroon Lake back in 1988, and seriously considered attending Azusa Pacific Univ. after finishing there (but went in another direction). I must say, I remember you with much more (and darker) hair and a (slightly larger) mustache.

    I recently watched some folks from APU on The History Channel basically sitting there saying that the Word of God not only contradicts itself but is errant on many facets. How can these people be allowed to teach at a school that is supposed to uphold Christian values, not to mention train Christian leaders? I think if Jack were still around he would be appalled at the statements made by these people. I actually am curious to know if any of these people actually BELIEVE the Word of God to be true and inerrant. My wife actually made the comment, “Why would God allow these people to do this?”.

    Number 1, are you still associated with the school, 2, have you seen this show (Bible Secrets Revealed), and 3, what do you think about what these people are doing to Christianity as a whole?

    • Hey Dan. You bring back so many good and precious memories. I haven’t been back to Schroon Lake since Jack went to Heaven. I often think fondly of that special place and would LOVE to get back there soon.

      No, I haven’t seen the show. But I share your alarm at what you’re hearing. It grieves me to think that people would use a platform like the History Channel to demean God’s Word. But tragically, that’s become the fad these days.

      I’ve been teaching the Bible now for over 40 years, have heard all of these arguments before, and can tell you that I am as committed to the inerrancy of Scripture today as I have ever been. (In fact, on the podcast of two weeks ago (#49 in the Jesus in High Definition series, I gave an entire message on the authority of Scripture from Matthew 5:18-20.

      I hope you are well, Dan. God bless you and your wife.

  3. Jackie Fahoome

    Can you put your bible smart guide on audio or DVD? That would be great Thank you Jackie

  4. YOU rock!

  5. Bruce Black


    Just a note to say that you and your ministry are a blessing. My dear friend Ken Brown directed me to your podcast Jesus in HD. I’m only up to episode 16 however they are challenging me.

    My favorite was the very unexpected bonus material. The description of your childhood made me relive many of the struggles of my childhood.

    Thank you for being real, humble, and for sharing God’s message with love and boldness.


  6. Will Laird

    Hey Dewey,

    Not sure if you remember me from the Master’s College days, but I was thinking of you today as I was doing my devotions in 1 Cor. 5, where Paul talks about replacing the old leaven with new leaven…that got me thinking of the many “putting off” and “putting on” passages in Paul’s other letters. My prayer was for God to help me to be more consistent and disciplined in that process. I remembered a quote you repeated often and one I try to live by: “Consistency, thou art a rare jewel.” Thanks for continuing to be a blessing in my life.

    Will Laird
    Class of ’92

  7. Anthony Syouthoum

    Dewey Bertolini, if you see this my name is anthony and im in the you know hartland christian camp big stump after i heard your amazing words from you and god i know that you saw that emotion in my eyes and that i was pretending that i was stretching, i was actualy sad i did lose my parents and i did face the hard times, but now that i have the holy spirit with me im who i am, thanks to talk to you and c.Jeff big stump i love you i love the counselor’s and the kids even though it is scary im the kid who is quiet and always talks to jeff now that i left the hartland c.c im sad to leave i want to hear more from you guys 6/24/2016 5:27

  8. Shelly

    What is the physical address where I can attend?

    • Hey Shelly. We meet in a room on the lower level of Church on the Hill in McMinnville, 5 PM on Saturday evenings. Just follow the signs. Thank you for asking.

  9. norlene wolbert

    Are you doing a tour in 2020?

  10. James Steven Halim

    Hello, my name is James, and I first saw you and heard your sermons at Hartland Christian Camp. I would like to attend one podcast live and be part of your group during my trip here in Oregon. Do you have information about time and location your Safe Haven meeting?

  11. Steve Hickerson

    Hello Dewey…Believe it or not, I just clicked on the web link to find this outside of LinkedIn. I just listened to Part 36 and I was BREATHLESS about the teaching and how you connected so many loose ends in the Gospel narrative. I just started taking the lead in the Men’s Ministry of Saddleback Laguna Woods where I live. Janice has been in the FT care of a Board and Care for 18 months because of her Alzheimer’s and strokes. I am 3 miles away and after a year of being banned for in-house visits I now am able to see her twice a week and I do call nearly every day even though she is nonverbal except for a word now and then. She is safe and well cared for and is the best alternative for her. BUT I am saaaad and alone. Starting the ministry with the men will add a new outlet for my gifts an d fruit in the latter years of my life here. Now, I will start working through the first 35 messages on Galatians and maybe they can be printed in a wonderful study format. Keep the faith and your have been an encouragement to me for MANY years. Love you my friend.

    • Love you too, dear friend. We’ve sure shared many precious memories together!!! You’ll always have a special place in my heart.

  12. Jacob Lawrence

    Back around 1986, Dewey spoke at an Awana camp I went to. I am ancient and did poorly in math so I can’t figure out how long ago that was. Thankfully, Dewey is older.

    One message Dewey did from that weekend was Where Are They Now? This was about John 6 and especially vs. 66. This verse has haunted me my whole life. I have seen many professing Christians hit this point in life, and I never hope to follow them. Even though it is not that complicated, sometimes I don’t understand why God does what He does, but I still trust Him. Being that He is Supremely Sovereign, I suppose He has that prerogative.

    Thank you, Dewey, for being God’s mouthpiece so many years ago. Blessings.

  13. Joy Cook

    Well, I never cease to be amazed at how I can “see” what you are us. But I am also so blessed to always learn something new from your podcasts. May the LORD direct more and more listeners to you in these dark days.

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