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A Man Sent From God

twoHis eyes blazed with the fire of conviction. His voice thundered as he peered out from behind his uncut hair and unkempt beard. He wore a camel’s-hair garment bound with a leather belt. He ate a strangely strict diet of honey and grasshoppers, of all things.

Yet when he spoke, the people trembled. Why?

What did he want?

Where did he come from? Who was this strange specter that haunted the barren sands of the Judean desert? 

What was it about him that caused Jesus to pay him the highest of all possible compliments?

For over 400 long, deafeningly silent years, God had not spoken, God had not acted, no prophets had arisen, no angels had been seen. A 400 year drought of any voice from God.

Suddenly, shockingly, unexpectedly, amazingly that silence was shattered. Shattered by an angel heralding the miraculous birth of a remarkable child.

In this podcast, oneyou are about to meet one of the most remarkable people ever to walk across the biblical stage in this epic drama we call “Jesus in HD.”

You can meet him by clicking the podcast player in the upper right, or by clicking here.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the compelling, history-altering story of “A Man Sent From God.”

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