I Never Cease to be Amazed…

You know what amazes me about the Bible? 

Well, lots of things amaze me about the Bible. But this may well be the top of my list: “It is today as it was then.”

“It is today as it was then.”

I never cease to be amazed at how little has changed in the intervening 2000 years since the Bible was completed.

Human nature is as human nature does, and human nature hasn’t changed all that much.

Which is why I’ve never bought into the argument that the Bible is an outdated, irrelevant book that has nothing to say to us today. Fact is, the Bible has a ton to say to us today.

Case in point: Last week, we looked at the landscape of the Israel of Jesus’ day from a physical/geographicalpoint of view. We discovered then that we have many lessons to learn today from the desert. The wilderness.

In this week’s podcast, we will focus the landscape of the Israel of Jesus’ day from a spiritual point of view. 

Here’s what’s so amazing to me: The Jewish landscape in first century Israel was strikingly, and I might add alarmingly, similar to the Christian landscape in our country in our day.  

It is indeed today as it was then.


If you’ve ever wondered why Christians say the things they say, do the things they do, and act the way they act, then this podcast is for you.

You can hear this podcast by clicking HERE.

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2 thoughts on “I Never Cease to be Amazed…

  1. Casey Ojua

    I absolutely love this message! Throughout the podcast, my mind recalled several moments in my own life where I could have exercised love and forgiveness toward a friend, family member or even stranger during their struggles,..yet my prideful mind only judged and condemned. The message is so simple; Love! So many people are struggling in this hard life, believers and non-believers alike; we could use some more loving Christians to help lift the burden of pain in this world.
    Thank you, Dewey! The message is spot on!
    Peace and grace to you, my friend. 🙂

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