Rose Book of Charts, Maps, and Time Lines

It’s not very often that I say a book is amazing. But trust me, this book is amazing. Never have I seen so much material presented in such an easy-to-access, right-at-hand format. Seriously, navigating the Rose Book of Charts, Maps, and Time Lines could not be easier.

Want to access the vital information — including the Who? What? Where? When? and Why? of each book of the Bible, a Key Verse from each book, as well as each book’s outline — concerning, say, the Historical Books of the Old Testament? It’s all right there in one handy side-by-side chart format.

The maps are superbly drawn, with “Then” and “Now” renderings that place biblical events in their own and present-day geographical contexts.

The Time Lines identify key biblical events within the framework of other historical happenings contemporaneous with each Scriptural circumstance.

All in all, this volume is a masterful piece of work. And in all honesty, though I have a library of dozens upon dozens of reference works, this one book is my #1 go-to overview and quick-reference resource because of the ease with which I can find the answers to my most pressing questions.

Add to that the fact that with Rose Publications, one purchase provides a hardcopy and reproducible PDF of the entire book, you have in the Rose Book of Charts, Maps, and Time Lines a true masterpiece indeed.

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