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A Lamp Shining in a Dark Place

As you are about to hear in this PODCAST, it is one of the most, if not the-most-blessed, doctrines in all of the Bible.

So naturally, theologians have to come along and muddy it all up to the point where today it is MUBAR:

Messed Up Beyond All Recognition.

I’m talking about the blessed doctrine of—fancy name—imminence. As in the imminent return of Jesus. As in the clear and (as you will hear in mere moments) unambiguous Bible teaching that Jesus could return at any time. As in the glorious truth that nothing needs to happen to precede Jesus’ return.

The “blessed hope” for which we do hope, every single day.

Please remember that depending upon your web browser and connection speed, it may take up to 60 seconds for this podcast to begin to play.

God bless you richly as you listen.

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